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Dr. Denis Politis

Dr. Denis Politis [ Co-Founder of
Elite London Tutors ]

  • Hello, I’m Dr. Denis, and I have been a researcher at Imperial College London for a number of years, with over 35 publications, as well as a Patent. I obtained my PhD and MEng in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London with a 1st Class Honours.

    My GCSE and A Level grades opened the door to study in prestigious institutions. Having completed my studies in Dubai, in the UAE, with the assistance of tutors, I am committed to helping expatriate students achieve the grades they need to obtain a place in the university of their choice. I thoroughly enjoy teaching GCSE and A Level mathematics, as well as physics.

Prof. John Politis

Prof. John Politis [ Co-Founder of
Elite London Tutors ]

  • I’m Associate Professor John Politis, and I have had a long academic career, having established numerous university course programmes throughout the world, as well as authoring over 50 peer reviewed articles.

    In my career, I have developed and led online modules for a number of universities, holding the post of Online Education Professor. My interests lie in the field of online education, and I hope to bring my expertise and experience to Elite London Tutors in order to deliver online tuition rivalling the best in-person tutors.

Dr. Nicholas Politis

Dr. Nicholas Politis [ Co-Founder of
Elite London Tutors ]

  • Hello, I’m Dr. Nicholas. I hold a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, alongside a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London, graduating with a 1st Class Honours, and on the Engineering Dean’s List.

    Similar to my brother, I completed my British Curriculum schooling in Dubai, achieving high grades with the help of quality tutoring, which led to offers from University of Oxford, Imperial College London, University College London, and King’s College London. I wish to ensure that expatriate students have the same opportunities I had, meaning access to the best quality, personalised tutoring, regardless of where they are.

About us

We are a family run tutoring company founded in 2015 with the aim of providing high quality private tuition to students following the British education system anywhere in the world, and aiming to apply to UK Universities.


As a family of academics, we have always valued the importance of education and the need to tailor teaching methods to help each student unlock their great potential!


Our tutors are carefully selected based on their academic and teaching qualifications as well as their performance in an interview session. All our tutors are selected from Russell Group universities where they have completed or are near completion of engineering and sciences based degrees, with several holding Ph.D. degrees related to the subjects that they teach.


Mission: Our mission is to provide students with the best preparation for their A level and GCSE examinations, to enable them to be accepted by their preferred university.

To provide students the very best tutors, regardless of where they are in the world.

1.Excellence in tuition quality.
2. Impartial expert advice in university applications, exam strategy, and future plans.
3. Honesty and transparency with our clients, giving them peace of mind.
4. Personalised customer service.


“Lessons with Elite London Tutors are fantastic! They boosted my childs grade from a C to an A in less than a month!” – One of our students


We are a family run tutoring company operating out of London, delivering top quality tuition to students worldwide.

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