Better A-Level Results than Expected?

If your hard work pays off and you end up getting much better results than you expected (Congrats!), UCAS will give you the option to trade in your firm university place for a better institution or course. The process is called ‘Adjustment‘.

This ‘Adjustment’ is open from A level results day until 31 August. Adjustment is entirely optional, and UCAS states that lots of competitive courses might be full, although it is worth having a look anyway.

How to Use Adjustment:

  • Register for access to Adjustment in Track, before using the search tool to check vacancies on other courses. You’ll also need to contact admission offices at unis to talk about possible vacancies.
  • Make sure they know you’re just enquiring at this stage – only verbally agree an offer with another course or university if you’re absolutely sure you want to do it over your firm choice.
  • If you find a course you want to do, reach out to the university to explain you’re applying through Adjustment, and give them your UCAS ID. Only verbally accept one offer(!), because the university will have to add themselves to your application.
  • Your Track screen will then be updated with the new choice, in place of your old firm choice. UCAS will send you confirmation of this.
16th August 2018

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