10 Common Mistakes in GCSE Mathematics

There are a range of mistakes that can be made in an exam, although some are more common than others. The 10 most common mistakes for GCSE Maths exams are:

  • Watch out for mixed units
  • Do not cramp your working out – it is too difficult to read and you will get confused
  • Make sure that your Calculator is in degrees mode when answering trigonometry questions.
  • Must show your working out – if you make a mistake, you can still get method marks
  • Use the marks given as a guideline for detail
  • Don’t rush the paper
  • Use time management wisely – a good estimate is 1 minute per mark
  • Read the question carefully – underline keywords if necessary
  • Make sure you Square Root the answer during the Pythagoras Theorem question.
  • Beware of the Calculator Paper
21st May 2019

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