25 tips for making a Revision Plan

A good study plan will not only help improve exam results but also reduce stress. The Student Room has written a useful guide for a revision timetable:

Five reasons for making a revision timetable:

  1. You get a better idea of how much time you have before the exams
  2. It makes you feel better as you have a clear idea of the task ahead
  3. You’re less likely to run out of revision time
  4. It helps you build revision around the rest of your life
  5. A simple plan doesn’t take very long to create


Five steps to making an amazing revision timetable!

  1. Make a list of all your exams
  2. Prioritise them – how much revision do you want to do for each?
  3. Break each exam up into a series of topics to learn/practise
  4. Decide how much time you want to devote to revision each week
  5. Allocate topics into each week (allocating more time to tough topics and leaving some spare time at the end for going through topics again)


Five things to avoid when making a revision timetable:

  1. Making it so elaborate that it takes you longer than the actual revision
  2. Setting yourself so much work it ends up totally unrealistic
  3. Making the plan as a distraction from actually revising
  4. Having no intention of ever paying any attention to it once it’s made
  5. Thinking it’s perfect and will never need to change


Five tips for sticking to a revision timetable:

  1. Check it every day
  2. Remember it’s flexible – change it when needed
  3. Share it with friends and family
  4. Reward yourself after each revision session
  5. Tick off topics when they’re done
25th April 2019

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