4 Challenges with Online Teaching

For some teachers and students unaccustomed to online learning, there are some challenges to adjust to. Here are the 4 main challenges in online teaching:

1. Avoid communication overload

We all already receive too many emails but with all tasks moving online and inboxes filling up quickly, it might be difficult to keep track of what to do.

One difficulty with distance learning is software and hardware issues for online classes. It is important to write a brief instructions list to students of how to use online software to minimise the amount of misunderstandings.

2. Using Teaching Aids

Online learning requires engaging content to make sure students do not ‘drift’ out of the class. This could involve powerpoint slides, youtube videos and on screen writing.

It is useful to have high speed plug-in internet to avoid disruptions to presentations / discussions

3. Use of Audio and Video

The use of combined live audio and video is crucial in teaching students. Some software enables shared screen / live annotation of documents such as exam papers which can make online learning just like attending a classroom.

4. Student Feedback

Communication with students is key to effective online learning. It is important to ask students how the class went and if there are any difficulties in following the class material. At the end of online classes, it is useful to ask students if they have any questions or require repetition of material. Uploading teaching slides / questions online on systems such as Blackboard, or allowing students to download the teaching material is helpful for students to study in their own time after a class.


6th April 2020

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