5 Ideas To Help Your Kids Become Inventors

The inventors of the future are today’s kids and great ideas can help fuel their imaginations and help them invent for good. Here are some ways to help your child with innovation:

  1. Hands-on learning: There is no better way to learn and apply knowledge than to enable your child to make things that they are interested in. Today’s schools are increasingly using 3D-printers and design software to enable children to turn their ideas into reality through prototypes
  2. Invention as part of daily life: Inventions don’t have to be something exotic (or expensive!). There are countless inventions in the home that are opportunities for invention.
  3. Encouragement to pursue their interests: One of the most successful ways that kids learn is through self-direction, especially if they are interested in a particular topic!
  4. Insist on finding solutions: Kids have great ideas and think outside the box, developing solutions to problems that others have not considered.
  5. Apply classroom learning to real-life problems: From applying arithmetic to calculate supermarket shopping price to fixing toys, there are valuable theories in class than can be applied to real-world situations.
28th February 2019

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