The Benefits of Online Learning and Teaching

There are several advantages of learning through online platforms. These include:

1.      Scale-ability of education

Web based platforms can scale learning to levels not possible using traditional classrooms. In particular, online platforms enable vast resources such as textbooks, problem sheets and past papers to be accessible even in the most remote locations.

2.      Learning beyond the limitations of physical classrooms

Online learning platforms enable students of any age to focus on subjects/modules of their interest and to also specialise in particular subjects. This provides a flexible way of learning enabling the student to control what they would like to learn and for how long

3.      Convenience and flexibility of school-work life

Physically attending classes can be time consuming, especially for students living in remote locations or who would like to attend part time courses after working hours.

4.      More Affordability

Internet based education can help cut costs as the operational costs for the school/institute are lower than a physical location. This makes it possible for every student to earn a diploma, a degree, master’s or PhD even without enough education funding.

5.      Learn comfortable and own pace

Internet schooling has brought a paradigm shift in the way students feel and how much they want to learn at a given point in time.  Attending lessons from the comfort of one’s home is the best part.

18th February 2019

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