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How to help students with ADHD Concentrate?

There have been many studies to find the best way to help ADHD students concentrate. A recent article by Edutopia has documented that students can concentrate better when they’re allowed to fidget. The 17 best methods are summarised below:

  1. FIDGETS: Fidgets are small objects that help keep students’ hands occupied.
  2. SQUEEZE BALLS: Squishy balls, stress balls, koosh balls, hand exercisers. Make sure that kids use them under their desks for minimal distractions to others.
  3. SILLY PUTTY: Silly Putty, Play-Doh, or Sticky Tack can also keep students’ hands occupied.
  4. VELCRO: Tape a strip of the rough side of Velcro under the student’s desk. It gives them something to touch.
  5. GUM OR CHEWABLE NECKLACES: Chewing gum can help keep some ADHD students focused.
  6. DOODLING: Doodling can help many students focus, not just ones with ADHD. Some students also benefit if they can draw during storytime or a lesson.
  7. BACKGROUND NOISE/MUSIC: A fan in the back of the room can help some students focus. Letting them listen to music on headphones (as long as it doesn’t interfere with what’s happening in class) can also help.
  8. CHAIR LEG BANDS: Tie a large rubber band (or yoga band) across both front legs of the chair for students to push or pull against with their legs.
  9. BOUNCY BALLS: Also known as yoga balls, stability balls, or exercise balls. These are potentially great for all students, not just ones with ADHD.
  10. SWIVEL CHAIRS: Kids can twist a little bit from side to side. A rocking chair also works.
  11. WOBBLE CHAIRS: Similar to swivel chairs or disk seats, these chairs let students rock within their seats.
  12. DISK SEATS: These sit on a chair and allow students to rock in their seats, which is not as dangerous as rocking the entire chair.
  13. STANDING DESKS: Great for all students, not just ones who need to fidget.
  14. DESKS WITH SWINGING FOOTRESTS: A built-in footrest can help reduce the noise that comes with foot tapping.
  15. STATIONARY BIKES: Putting a stationary bicycle at the back of the classroom is a great way to help students be active.
  16. CLASSROOM SPACE FOR MOVING AROUND: Clear an area at the side or back of the room to let students stand, stretch, dance, pace, or twirl.
  17. FLEXIBLE WORK LOCATIONS: Students don’t have to do their learning at their desk—they can work at the windowsill or move from one desk to another.
15th October 2018

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