Have you made the most of your GCSE Mocks?

Now that most school mock exams are over and you have received your results, chances are you may fall into one of the four groups below:

  1. I scored full marks and understand why:
    That’s great! This means you are confident with the exam material, but should continue practicing to avoid being complacent for the final exam.
  2. I scored full marks but don’t understand why:
    Chances are you guessed the answer and were lucky! For these questions, it is important to ask your teacher to help explain the topic and questions as it is unlikely you would be lucky a second time for the final exam.
  3. I didn’t score full marks but I know why:
    Mistake do happen when answering questions and if you know the reason for missed marks, it would be helpful to practice similar questions to avoid this mistake in the final exam.
  4. I didn’t score full marks and I don’t know why:
    It is possible that some theory was misunderstood or further practice is needed to convert theory into detailed written answers. The best way to prepare is to continue practicing past papers and seek advice from a teacher or tutor to help explain the theory and exam solutions clearly.
2nd February 2019

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