Managing transition from GCSEs to A levels

Transitioning from a GCSE student to an A-level student can be confusing. With the free lessons, no uniform and independent learning this new level of responsibility may seem daunting. However, each of these can help to become an independent person and assist in the transition to University later on.

Free lessons

Free lessons can feel like a sign of relief after having to go to classes every hour of the school day. It is important to spend this time wisely. Some students will dash to the library and study for their subjects. Others, may need reminding that this time is for self-study rather than a mini-break and should not only be used constantly to relax in the common room.

Lack of uniform

This does depend on the school but some schools remove the requirement for a uniform. This is one of the more difficult aspects and you should avoid thinking about what to wear making up far too much time than is needed.

Independent learning

The biggest challenge, which is related to Free Lessons is the concept of independent learning. In A-level, teachers will not force you to study in your free time and you should use your time wisely. It is expected that you take notes from textbooks or from teachers and study outside the classroom as well. This can take a few weeks to get used to and can be supported by teachers and parents.

22nd August 2019

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