Sharp Rise in Student Loan Interest Rates

According to the BBC, the interest payments on student loans will rise significantly from 4.6% to 6.1%. This will also …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis12th April 2017

Ban on Term Time Holidays

The UK’s Supreme Court has upheld the ban on parents taking their children for holidays during term time through a …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis6th April 2017

VAT on Private School Fees

Parents with children attending private schools may have been shocked today when Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn proposed adding Value …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis6th April 2017

Novel Method to Turn Seawater into Drinking Water

The method of readily and cheaply converting seawater into drinking water has been subject to intense study and experimentation for …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis3rd April 2017

Filming of Atomic Scale Chemical Reaction

Scientists at the University of Nottingham have achieved a first by filming inter-molecular chemical reactions in real time at one …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis25th March 2017

GCSE and A-Level Appeals Drop

The number of appeals, a request made by a school to review marking results, against GCSE and A-level results has …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis22nd March 2017

Chinese Maths books for UK Schools

In an interesting development regarding student teaching material, HarperCollins, a UK publishing house has signed an agreement with a Shanghai …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis21st March 2017

Economic Impact of International Students

Universities UK, the representative organisation for the UK’s universities has found that for the 2014 – 2015 periods, international students …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis11th March 2017

Introduction of ‘T-levels’ system

According to a recent article by The Telegraph, the UK is planning to announce on Wednesday the biggest overhaul in …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis6th March 2017

Two-year Fast Track Degrees

The UK government has announced plans for the creation of fast-track two year degrees. These degrees are intended to offer …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis27th February 2017


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