GCSE and A-Level Re-Marks 2018

According to the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation¬†(Ofqual), pupils will be able to request the mark for their GCSE …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis17th February 2017

Sale of Student Loan Book

The UK government has begun the process of selling the university student loan book in an attempt to recover ¬£12 …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis7th February 2017

EU Applications Down 7%

According to an article published by The Guardian, the number of applications from EU students for places in UK universities …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis26th January 2017

Online courses for new careers

Online courses at university level have become increasingly popular, especially for courses that are limited in the number of entrants, …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis21st January 2017

GCSE and A Level results tables

The results for the GCSE and A Level exams taken in 2016 have been released. Results for all boroughs of …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis19th January 2017

Making changes to UCAS applications

The UCAS website has published a list of guidelines and information to making changes on your UCAS undergraduate application form. …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis18th January 2017

Missed the UCAS deadline?

If you have missed the Sunday deadline for submitting your UCAS applications, there are several things you can do to …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis15th January 2017

Tips for UCAS application

The January 15th UCAS deadline is approaching and there may still be some uncertainty in completing the application. Below are …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis13th January 2017

University Open Day Dates

A series of Open Day events are planned throughout 2017, with several universities having open days multiple times during the …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis7th January 2017

Happy New Year!

We would like to wish all students and parents a Happy and prosperous New Year!Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis1st January 2017


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