Reduction in EU law students?

There are approximately 125,000 EU students in universities across the UK, with more than 78,000 studying at undergraduate level. One …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis20th November 2016

South Korea Grounds Flights for Student Exam

South Korea is a country that takes exams seriously. So much so that planes were grounded, the stock market delayed …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis17th November 2016

Student Accommodation Becoming Unaffordable?

The cost of student accommodation has always been a contentious issue, especially in the major cities in the UK. This …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis16th November 2016

Online Classroom Upgrades

We have used the post-exam lull as an opportunity to make some upgrades to our teaching platform. After a few …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis31st August 2016

GCSE Results

The GCSE results are out and there has been a significant decline in students achieving A* – C grades, which …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis28th August 2016

A-Level Grades for 2016

The results of the A-level exams have been released and it is interesting to observe the latest trends following the …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis20th August 2016

7 Ways to Beat Panic in an Exam

For those of you who are still preparing for your final exams and easily panic during an exam, some useful …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis14th June 2016

UK’s 18 Toughest Computer Science Courses

Computer science university programmes have become very popular lately largely due to the increased career opportunities available in the tech …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis10th June 2016

Universities Producing the Highest Number of CEO’s

If you have ever wondered where the majority of high flying CEO’s in the UK have graduated from, you may …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis4th June 2016


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