The challenge of going digital for universities

Around the world traditional, campus-based universities are facing difficulty in expanding student enrolment. The rise of the ‘gig’ economy and …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis18th December 2019

UCAS Personal Statements: Tips for Success

Writing a personal statement for UCAS is tricky. Where does one start? UCAS statements are challenging because students need to …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis20th November 2019

Pre-U exams to be axed

Pre-U exams – an alternative to A levels taken by thousands of private school pupils – are to be axed by Cambridge International. …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis19th November 2019

Is Online Learning the Future for Education?

With today’s students growing up in the digital age, technology is challenging and reforming many aspects of their lives from …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis18th November 2019

UK to adjust French & German GCSE Grades

UK exam regulator Ofqual has determined that French and German GCSE papers were marked too harshly compared to other subjects …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis17th November 2019

Over 3,200 students apply to world’s first AI university

Over 3,200 graduate students have applied to the Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) within the first week …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis31st October 2019

US and China dominate US News’ latest university rankings

The new edition of the US-produced academic rankings evaluates 1,500 universities, up from 1,250 last year. There were 249 American institutions …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis30th October 2019

Student Loan: Pros And Cons

Pros Student Loans make University Affordable: High tuition fees and accommodation would make self financing difficult. Student Loans are not …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis26th October 2019

Exam prices rise for the third time in three years

The price of GCSE and A levels has risen for the third time in three years. The weighted average price …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis21st October 2019

How Does University Grade Affect Salary?

A study has been performed by the University of Michigan Law School to find the effect of grade on salary …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. Denis14th October 2019


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