Six Tips for Exam Invigilators

With the exam season approaching, it is time for schools to prepare their invigilation teams.

The main role of an invigilator is to make sure pupils have a calm environment to focus on the examination without distractions.

Some hints to prepare your invigilation team are:

1. Recruitment

Invigilators must understanding the pressure and anxiety pupils are facing and be adaptable to different environments. For example, some pupils may need to take the exam in a small room, or have one-to-one invigilation. Occasionally, students can be difficult to manage, so choosing the right invigilators is key.

2. Training

Invigilation training follows the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) guidelines in setting up small rooms and the exam hall. Invigilators should read these guidelines and understand the instructions for the timing of exams.

A useful exercise could be creating a dummy exam room with a seating plan and mix of papers before the exam season begins.

3. Create a leadership team

When training your team, you may find that some of them have leadership potential as they have an excellent understanding of the systems in place. It’s wise to appoint a lead invigilator, especially for any large exam halls.

This member of the team can direct others, ensuring that papers are in the correct place and that all checking procedures are followed. They can also be used to assist the exams officer in the secure room to ensure that papers can be prepared efficiently.

4. Practise procedures

Make sure invigilators fully understand the school’s policy for storing items such as phones, bags, coats etc to not delay the start of an exam.

5. Plan for problems

It is possible for something go to wrong on the day of an exam. For example, a student could fall ill or there could be heavy traffic delaying arrivals. Invigilators must know who to contact.

6. Keep invigilators informed

Invigilators should be update if conditions change that could affect the exams. For example, construction work may create a noisy environment or a hot day may require air-conditioning to be operational.

18th May 2019

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