The best way to revise? Keep it simple

There is so much advice going around about the best way to study. Some articles discuss specific techniques for checking that all required knowledge has sunk in, filling in gaps and practising retrieval/regurgitation on demand. Health experts discuss the physical angles such as sleep, exercise, fresh air, healthy diet, balance, and de-stressing techniques. Sometimes all this advice can be overwhelming.

Some practical advice is: keep it simple, and don’t kid yourself that you will become a different person overnight. Therefore, if you normally take a lot of exercise, then continue; however, if you do not, now is not the time to start marathons. A balanced lifestyle with eating healthily and exercise such as going for a walk can help.

In terms of study time, don’t pretend you can revise for six hours at a time, or do ‘all-nighters’ and think you will be alert for a 9am exam. Regular breaks and sufficient sleep are required to perform well.

21st May 2019

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