How technology is benefitting the education sector

Technology really is everywhere. But, unlike the views of the past, it isn’t here to destroy us all. Quite the contrary, technology is being used every single day to support and benefits all sort of sectors, and the education sector is no different.


What is technology’s place in education?

Universities, colleges, high schools, primary schools, and even nurseries have adopted technology into their classrooms to deliver a better learning experience for all. This not only provides young people with a better education, it gives them the preparation they need for what has now become a tech-savvy working world.

According to a study by Barbie Clarke of the Family, Kids and Youth research group:

  • 69% of secondary schools are using tablet devices
  • 9% of these have a tablet device for every pupil
  • 45% are looking to introduce tablet devices soon

In 2014, it was reported that there were 430,000 tablets in education establishments and this figure was expected to rise to over 900,000 by 2016 – however, no confirmation result has been released.


How is this technology being used?

Tablets and other gadgets are making lessons more interactive, encouraging more pupil participation and improving the retention rate of learners. By catering to different types of learners, pupils are more likely to retain the information over a teacher simply reading from a textbook.

Educational technology also allows for lessons to be personalised and tailored, such as using games, music, and e-books to support the lesson. Online lessons are also increasingly available allowing teachers to connect with a group of students remotely. This is most prominent in university and colleges, although it can also be used for younger children to teach them a specific subject or module. Exams can also be taken online which has shown a huge shift in the traditional methods.

14th October 2018

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