How to Score Well in Exams

With the exam season approaching, many parents and students are trying their best to prepare effectively for exams. Here are some useful tips to achieving high grades in exams:

  1. The first and most obvious point is to study extensively – especially practicing previous exam papers to understand the style and language used in the questions.
  2. Know the exam format – practice writing your answers within the allocated page limit. Also it is important to read through the Formula Book in advance to identify the equations that are provided, and the equations you are expected to memorise.
  3. Identify your strengths and weaknesses – if you know that you feel uncomfortable about certain study topics, it is important to strengthen these areas instead of gloss over them. It is likely that these topics will appear on the exam!
  4. Write down key concepts and equations – by writing down a summary list of key points, you can focus on these key points and feel confident with the topic.
  5. Study regularly – the most common mistake with studying is to delay until a few weeks before the exams. It is important that you begin studying from early on in the term to correct weaknesses before the exam.
  6. Time management – practice exams under exam style conditions, and time yourself. Practicing in this way will make sure you avoid surprises in the exam room.
  7. Make a schedule – write down on a calendar the subjects and the days you will study each topic. If you do not create a study plan, you may find that you spend too much time on one subject whilst spending little time on another.


Further information about this article can be found on the article found in the Huffington Post below:


23rd August 2018

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