Tips for UCAS application

The January 15th UCAS deadline is approaching and there may still be some uncertainty in completing the application. Below are 10 tips to help improve the impact of your application.

  1. Research – make sure you know the course and university you are applying for. If you are not sure of the specific subject, it may help to consider your long term career plans and the requirements of these careers.
  2. Ensure references are completed – make sure that your references have been completed before the weekend.
  3. Make your application unique – make sure to make your opening line different to most applications. You want your application to stand out from the hundreds of others that reviewers read.
  4. Portfolio – some courses require you to submit a portfolio and possibly have an interview. Make sure that you are prepared for these.
  5. Personal statement – arguably one of the most important documents. Make sure that you check many times over especially for silly spelling mistakes.
  6. Tailor your application – when applying for a course, make sure that your application highlights why you are one of the most suited candidates for a place in the course.
  7. Work experience – to distinguish yourself from other candidates, it is important to not just focus on academic achievements. Any work experience, part-time jobs, or volunteering counts and make sure to highlight this in your application.
  8. Open days – open days are always useful to find out more about your university of choice and course. If there is not enough time to attend these events before the application deadline, make sure to visit the university webpage to find out more information.
  9. Proof read your application – Have a friend or parent go over your application to identify any details you have missed or any typos in the text.
  10. Use all your 5 choices – do not limit yourself to just 2-3 universities of your choice. You are completing this application once so it is wise to not limit your options at this stage.


Further information about these points can be found in the link below:


23rd August 2018

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