Top 10 Universities for Job Prospects in 2017

A recent article published by The Independent has summarised the top 10 universities in terms of job prospects within the first 6 months of graduation. The list is compiled from the most recent Guardian’s University Guide 2017 data presented in the previous blog post (found here).

According to the data, the percentage of students achieving employment within the first 6 months of graduation, in order of highest percentage of graduates is as follows:

  1. Imperial College – 90.1%
  2. Cambridge – 89.6%
  3. Oxford – 87.6%
  4. Birmingham – 86.5%
  5. Bath – 84.9%
  6. King’s College London – 84.3%
  7. Sussex – 83.7%
  8. Robert Gordon – 83.5%
  9. Durham – 83.4%
  10. Lancaster – 83.2%


As can be seen, this differs from the overall list of top 10 universities table mentioned previously, which has presented the score based on an aggregate of multiple criteria. The specific criteria used in The Guardian’s league table, are: (a) satisfied with course, (b) satisfied with teaching, (c) satisfied with feedback, (d) student to staff ratio, (e) spend per student, (f) average entry tariff, (g) value added score, and (h) career after 6 months are included. When selecting a university, it is useful to check the detailed list of each criterion and look for the position of your preferred university which would allow you to make a more accurate decision based on the criteria that are most important to you.

Further information can be found on the link below:


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