Universities Producing the Highest Number of CEO’s

If you have ever wondered where the majority of high flying CEO’s in the UK have graduated from, you may be surprised to find that it is not always from the most established universities such as Oxford or London School of Economics. A study of 26,000 former students reaching the position of chief executive, chief technology officer or partner has been performed with the results presented in an Independent article as:

  1. London Business School – 5%
  2. Cambridge University – 3.9%
  3. Birmingham University – 3.2%
  4. Strathclyde University – 3.2%
  5. Leeds Beckett university – 3.1%
  6. University of London – 2.9%
  7. Royal Holloway – 2.6%
  8. Leicester University – 2.6%
  9. Sheffield University – 2.3%


It is interesting to see that students from Oxford University and London School of Economics are not shown in the list which has been suggested to be the result of students following careers in large banks and consultancies whereas alumni from universities such as Sheffield and Leicester are more eager to start their own business or join a start-up, which gives them the opportunity to climb the ranks much quicker than traditional career paths.

Further information can be found in the article below:


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